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Toothpaste: A Historical Timeline

Did you know the very first toothpastes probably originated around 5000 BC in China Egypt, and India? Egyptians combined rock salt, dried iris flowers, pepper, and mint, as well as some rather unsavory ingredients like ox-hoof ashes and burnt eggshells. By the late 1700s, people brushed their teeth with a powder made from — burnt […]

The Scoop About Fiber

          (Photo by Jan Smith) Yesterday’s Los Angeles Time published an article with the headline, To Lose Weight, Experts Suggest a Focus on Fiber.  What is fiber? Simply put, fiber is the kind of carbohydrate the body can’t digest. The sources of natural fiber are plant-based, things like berries, vegetables, oatmeal, bran. We’ve all […]

Green Citrus Smoothie: Start Your Day with Sunshine

Whether you’d like to replace your morning coffee with a vitamin-filled alternative or searching for a healthy refreshment to refuel after a tennis game or gym workout, this Florida Citrus Smoothie from Giada Weekly Magazine is the perfect blend of sweetness with a dash of spice! This smoothie clocks in at 175 calories with  7 grams […]

Sports Drinks & Your Dental Health

You’ve just finished a set of tennis, 45-minute spin class, or a jog around the block. Your son or daughter just finished a soccer game. Do you grab a brightly-colored sports drink to refuel and restore your electrolytes? Sports drinks may not only be a waste of your hard-earned dollars but may also be harmful […]