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Bruxism, Grinding or Clenching Teeth, and Dental Health

If you’ve awoken with a sore jaw or your dental health professional has noticed your teeth are ground down or damaged, you may be clenching your teeth during the day or grinding them while you sleep. The condition of subconsciously grinding or clenching teeth is known as bruxism. People who grind their teeth at night […]

eCigarettes & Dental Health

eCigarettes or “vaping” has become a popular alternative to cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of illness and death in the US. Inhalation of tar and other toxic chemicals is linked to cancer and heart disease, as well as many other health issues. Enter eCigarettes, electronic, battery-operated devices that simulate the act of […]

Soda and Your Teeth

As summer’s heat waves are around the corner, we often grab a soft drink or sports drink when we’re thirsty. Did you know the beverage you choose can impact your dental health? According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, carbonation, sugar, and acids in soda can weaken tooth enamel and encourage the growth of […]

Fluoridated Water Beneficial for Older Adults

Since fluoridation became the official policy of the US Public Health Service in 1951, the water in many communities has been fluoridated to protect children from cavities but according to a study at Ireland’s Trinity University, that benefit may extend to older adults. A anecdotal study that was part of the Irish Longitudinal Study on […]