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Why Am I Always Hungry?

You’ve started a diet to drop those five pounds before beach and pool party season but find yourself starving around 3 pm every day or maybe you feel the pangs of hunger when you watch your favorite TV show or at the movies. Why are we always hungry, even if we’ve eaten a meal just […]

Feeling Stressed? Add These Foods to Your Diet

Deadlines. Bills. Hardly a moment to slow down. When we feel stress, we often grab a handful of M & M’s from the office candy jar or order a pizza with all the toppings. Instead, try these foods, which have a biochemical reaction that reduces our body’s reaction to stress. Green Leafy Vegetables According to […]

The Tomato: One of Nature’s Healthiest Foods?

Acai berries.  Kale. Goji Berries. Quinoa.  There always seems to be a “superfood of the day.” Did you know tomatoes and tomato-based foods can top that list? Tomatoes are a great source of carotenoids such as alpha- and beta-carotene, lutein, and lypocene, which may decrease the risk for certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even […]

The Scoop About Fiber

          (Photo by Jan Smith) Yesterday’s Los Angeles Time published an article with the headline, To Lose Weight, Experts Suggest a Focus on Fiber.  What is fiber? Simply put, fiber is the kind of carbohydrate the body can’t digest. The sources of natural fiber are plant-based, things like berries, vegetables, oatmeal, bran. We’ve all […]

What’s on Your Plate for 2015?

Has the post-holiday season scale left you scrambling to try the latest diet?     Many health experts and fitness professionals agree shifting the focus to health instead of pounds logged on a scale is a more effective approach than dieting to fit into those skinny jeans or that new bathing suit. Check out the […]